Diamond Munzees!

Team Munzee has released a new special Munzee and it is here to stay! Unfortunately though it will only be available like mysteries when they release them! They are available starting at $25 for 5 and so on. Here is the help desk entry explaining their powers etc.
The Diamond Munzee is a special type of munzee that is available to be purchased in the store in limited quantities with release dates determined by Team Munzee. Unlike previous game pieces, the Diamond Munzee is a digital purchase. Once you purchase Diamond Munzees, your account will receive credits that can be applied to new or existing munzees.


A Diamond Munzee credit can be activated on your munzees that have been deployed or are in your undeployed section. To do so, go to your munzee user account and click on the Deployed or Undeployed tab. Then click on a munzee name to go to the details page. Under the “Admin” tab you will find a blue button labeled “Convert to Diamond Munzee” if you have available Diamond Munzee credits on your account.

Only standard munzee types may be converted to a Diamond Munzee. Mystery, Virtual, Premium, Social, NFC, Business and other special munzee types can not be converted to a Diamond Munzee.

Once you convert a munzee to a Diamond it can’t be undone.

To view how many Diamond Munzee credits you have remaining, click on the “Specials” tab under your user account.


A Diamond Munzee capture awards you a special munzee capture icon. If you have captured the munzee before it was converted to a Diamond, you are not able to capture it again.

Scoring for Diamond Munzees:

Deploying/Activating: 60 bonus points in addition to the standard deployment points. *not affected by specials such as 2x weekend
Capture: 20 points total that are randomly split between the owner of the munzee and the person who captures it. Both parties will always get at least 5 points.

If you convert an existing munzee to a Diamond, previous captures by players do not earn the Diamond points or special capture pin. Only new captures after the munzee was converted to a Diamond will count.

If you undeploy or archive a Diamond Munzee, your 60 bonus points are not taken away.

How to obtain:

Diamond Munzees are available in limited quantities and during release dates specified by Team Munzee.

Diamond Munzee Pin

Diamond Munzee Pin


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